Tri Sports Lanzarote

I’m now back from 9 days in Lanzarote, the training out there was brilliant and for me it finished off a very good 10 weeks of training. It was great to get some winter sun and be able to train in shorts and a T-shirt for a change rather then full winter kit. Breakfast at Tri Sports Daz and Debs who run Tri Sports Lanzarote were brilliant and are always looking after you making sure you are o.k and weather…

9 Days in Lanzarote

The English weather has finally cracked me and I’ve decided to head to Lanzarote for 9 days. It will be my first time on the Island so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s actually like as I’ve heard so many good stories about the Island and it’s been known as a triathlon Mecca for years. I’ll be staying at Tri Sports Lanzarote and I’m told the accommodation is really nice, it’s run by a British couple Daz and Debs….