QR PRsix Disc

QR PRsix Disc

or the 2019 season I am excited to be given the opportunity to race the Quintana Roo PRsix Disc Triathlon bike. The guys at American Bicycle Group are very passionate about triathlon and about making the fastest time trial bike. I can say that after riding the PRsix Disc it handles absolutely amazingly and I enjoy riding my TT bike on hilly routes, which I thought I would never say. It feels really fast and I’m looking forward to trying to win IRONMAN Texas on it.

Revolver Wheels & Aerodynamic Bike Components

I raced the 2019 season using their ASYMM rear disc wheel; it was a brilliant wheel and really suited the 25mm tyres I was using so it was really fast. This year I will be using the 2020 version, with improved aerodynamics and wider tyre integration which means it’s probably the fastest out there. I’ll also be using the new TROIKA TMD TriSpoke, with cutting edge wheel design that delivers outstanding aerodynamic performance. Along with a rear trispoke for non-disc wheel races and a Kronostok FWS 7 Pro deep front for windier races, I’ll have everything I need to give me the fastest, most aerodynamic wheelsets for any race conditions.

I got in touch with Harry from Revolver last year to help me by providing an aero bottle mounting solution – this year, I’ll be using the new ErgoMono Tribar unit, which is probably the most aerodynamic handlebar arrangement out there – really clean and aero and 100% carbon fibre sculpted. I’ll also be using the FrictionLess treated waxed chains to save me even more watts.

Recon Jet

Training by the numbers is a big part of getting to the level where you can mix it with the best. The first time I read about Recon Jet was on social media, and I knew immediately how big a help it could be. When I tried it for the first time, I was a convert. Jet makes it so much easier to track my numbers and to concentrate on hitting my goals for each session. Compared to smartwatches and cycle computers, it’s like night and day. It’s a really fantastic piece of kit.