Happy New Year!

It really has been a long while since I updated this blog, looking back it was the end of November since my last update. At the end of November I had just finished a block of training so I took an easy week and did some swim testing over 100m, 400m and 15 minutes to get some data to use to work out what paces I should be hitting when doing certain intervals in the pool. I managed to swim 1m 03 for the 100 and 4m 58 for the 400, by the time the season starts I would like to be able to do the 100 in 59 and the 400 in sub 4.40 I think if I can do this I would have a chance of making the front pack. It’s a tall order and wouldn’t guarantee making the front pack but if everything went o.k on the day I think that is like the minimum standard you would need to be.

There were 4 of us that actually did the testing and now looking back on it I think it was a great idea and has allowed us to be really specific with our sets and we all seem as though we have improved a lot.

On the 2nd December it was the Cuevas half Marathon. I wanted to use this to get an idea of what my running fitness was like and also the fact that it was a race would mean that I would ease off for a few days before and after so not end up killing myself before Christmas. The race went well with me taking the win however it was a much more low key event then we were expecting but it was good all the same to be out there racing and the course was really good as it was a place to place race with a bus taking you to the start. The run itself was pretty much all on trails but it did have more descending then climbing.

Cuevas Half Marathon


From the 2nd December to the 21st December I put in a really good 3 weeks of training, in that time we did one race which was a cycling criterium, this involved racing around a small lap (roughly 2.5 miles a lap around a town) for 1 hour. We worked a as a team for this with Chris Bartlet taking the win which was great, his prize was even better though with a massive Serrano ham, a bottle of wine and Bane the pig!


We visited the pig yesterday and he is much bigger now, below is hi yesterday!



On the 22nd I flew home to Lowestoft and bloody hell getting out of the plane was such a shock to the system, when you have been used to 22 degrees and then go straight to 5 degrees which I know isn’t even cold for England but it bloody killed me. Maybe that’s a sign I’m either getting old, getting soft or as Hawkins would say been living down south for to long!

Any way the plan while I was back was to take it easy and make sure I feel really  refreshed  and raring to go when I get back out to Spain on the 2nd January. While I was back I took part in two running races. The first was a x- country race on the 26th December where I finished 2nd and the next race was a 10k on the 1st January and yes you guessed it I cm 2nd again. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, I just hope they can’t swim and bike otherwise I’m retiring to play tiddlywinks.



Boxing Day x Country




Wymondham 10k



Also while I was back over Christmas I picked up my Starley TT bike http://starleybikes.com/bikes/tttriathlon-bikes/jks-t2/ I’ve got the JKS t2 with SRAM red and it is super fast. I can’t wait to start racing on it.






In other news it looks like my first triathlon of the year will be Elche http://www.triatlondeelche.org/ on the 14th April instead of Abu Dhabi. I would like to race Abu Dhabi but have had no reply so it looks like it’s a no go which is a shame as I would have like to raced it but getting an entry into the race is out of my hands and there is nothing I can do about it. I’m going to start getting back into the habit of updating every week or two again as well. Hope you all had a good Christmas and new year to.

Oh and before I forget we have a special deal at the moment for the next two weeks of 15 euros a night. As you can see below we have ordered the sun for you so if you are fed up of the cold and rain back home, come out here. http://www.endurance.kineticpb.com/



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