hola de nuevo desde España!

Oright, I hope you are all good. I see the weather in England is pretty grim at the moment, as much as I would love to rub it in on you I refrain from doing so. This is the time of year where all the hard work is done and it will pay dividends in the summer, like they say winter miles make summer smiles! I hope you are getting out there though and making the most of it, and even if it is bad weather the hardest part is getting out of the door, I always found having a training partner works a treat as you will not want to let each other down, also British tv is a load of rubbish anyway so it’s not like you will be missing anything!


Training for me has been going really well since my last blog. Rob Brundish is also out here now so that’s another guy to bolster the group. I’ve got in some good run sessions such as the 4*2.08k session I mentioned on the last blog, my times were on average 7m 04 which is 5 seconds faster then the last time I did the session. I have also done a couple of good speed sessions such as 12*600s and 10*500s after the 500s I did 5 minutes of 30 seconds on 30 seconds off fartlek running, The aim was to keep the off running at under 6m mileing and push the 30 seconds on section, I then finished off with 2*250 meter efforts and 4* 15 seconds hill sprints, with the warm up and cool down it was quite a big session, pretty much akin too a what you feel like the day after a Saturday night out and dodgy kebab in Great Yarmouth!


Swimming has also been going really well. I think I mentioned in my last blog that we have a key to the pool so we can go down there when ever we like and swim which means that there are no time constraints and you can always get a decent session in without having to worry about some old granny or chav kicking you in the ribs as you swim past! (this has happened many times before, if you go to you’re local pool anywhere in England you will see them swimming some kind of demented breaststroke in the fast lane, oblivious to the world or anything which is going on around them). Anyway rant over, so back to the sessions which I’ve been doing in the pool. In 8 days I will swim 6 times and the sessions will be along the following lines:

Main Set

Day 1-  9*200s, rep 1 will be steady hard, rep 2 is hard, and rep 3 you feel as though you are giving yourself a hernia *3 off 4m30.

Day2- 2*1500s Steady Swimming, pick up the last 500 meters.

Day 3- easy swim maybe some 50s, lots of drills and a smaller session in total.

Day 4- No Swimming

Day 5- 9*300s similar theme to the 200s!

Day 6- 3*1k steady swimming but aim to swim it at a slightly faster pace then the 1500s 2m recovery, push the last 350 meters.

Day 7- easy swimming again same them as day 3.

Day 8- No swimming

This week I did 6*100s instead of the 200s and 300s to add some speed work, they were off 3 minutes but there was some serious lactate build up! Every session includes some kick and drills in it and usually there is some pull as well. Plenty of 2 hour sessions in the water but my times keep consistently coming down so I will keep rolling with it! I think Rob and Alasdair and enjoying the suffering in the pool, I keep reminding them though that there full time out here now, I think it’s fair to say there getting the hang of it and from the looks of it to they are making some significant improvements also. Alasdair however has been absent for the last 3 days, I guess he’s gone off to his Mum for some comfort and a bit of positive self talk! 🙂


Cycling, We have had some cracking group rides and as always when you’re in a group no matter where you are when there is a hill there always seems to be a tendency to race to the top. It’s as though it’s some kind of competition about who has the biggest dick! 🙂 Now i’m no saint and I have to admit if there is ever a dick measuring competition or a pissing competition what ever you might call it I just have to get involved! I’m like a little kid in a candy shop, I guess you could say in my element, I find it great fun! Because of this I’ve managed to achieve some Strava KOMs on some good climbs and get a couple of very good threshold intervals in. There was one which I did the other day coming out of a town called Uleilla which I went full boar up and oh my god, I can’t remember a time when I have gone so hard, it was just pure pain the whole way but I felt really good and could tell I was moving well so it was a really nice place to be in as I could tell I was climbing right on the edge, a fantastic feeling if horrendously painful!


hasta luego



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