Winter training

If you don’t have a coach and would like a training plan I will be doing the following which may be of interest to some of you.

I currently coach two run sessions (one track, and one tempo style session) and one cycling trainer session every week.

This Winter I’ll be coaching:

  • 3 Swim sessions
  • 1 Bike Sessions
  • 2 run Sessions

I join in with these sessions so if you want to do the same 6 sessions a week as what me and my training partners do, which are structured and progress week on week, then get in contact. It won’t be an individual tailored plan so may not suit some people but if you just want some guidance and flexibility on when you want to do them then let me know. I would send all 6 sessions out on a Sunday night with what day, and time of day I do them but it’s up to you if you want to change the day around.

A typical bike session would be wrtten out like 20 minutes at 95% FTP so it would state what intensity and would suit everyone and not have power numbers which are meanigless by themselfes. With the track sessions it would have distance and rest time, and with the swimming we would do testing every 4 weeks and base target times off this. If you are interested I would urge you to start in November when it begins. The cost of this would be £40 a month.

I’ll be posting the sessions weekly on here, so make sure you regularly check in to get all the details.

4 Responses to “Winter training”

  1. Mike catton

    Hi Joe. With your training plan. What are the duration of the sessions and weekly volume. Thanks

    • Joe skipper

      The three swims would consist of 2*1.5 hour and 1*1 hour.

      The track session is around 75 minutes including warm up and warm down.

      The tempo session is around 75 minutes.

      The turbo session is around 90 minutes.

  2. Jon Leonard

    Hi Joe
    Congrats on the New Zealand IM
    The underdog UK guy makes good – you am deserve it after training hard in the UK weather over the winter
    I’ve got a place in Austria IM this year and have been training easy for the last few months but consistently. I have a very good base and have a decent amount of time to train as I run my own company
    I want a good structure for some quality sessions across all 3 disciplines to get me in good shape for the race at the end of June
    Read this article and thought you may be able to help
    Do you offer training programmes and advice on timing of sessions and testing for this?


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