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I’m now back from 9 days in Lanzarote, the training out there was brilliant and for me it finished off a very good 10 weeks of training. It was great to get some winter sun and be able to train in shorts and a T-shirt for a change rather then full winter kit.

Breakfast at Tri Sports


Daz and Debs who run Tri Sports Lanzarote were brilliant and are always looking after you making sure you are o.k and weather or not you need anything which makes a big difference when you’re training hard.

My training while I was out there went well, I followed a similar pattern to what I would normally do back home with the exception of a few more bike miles and certainly much more climbing on the bike.

Plenty of Cafe Stops were on the Cards


While I was out there I managed to get in the following key sessions:
1 aerobic swim session, longer reps short recovery,
1 Speed session in the pool.
1 long ride with some efforts at 95% FTP ad above threshold in. I was really pleased with the powers I was hitting in this ride and it shows things are coming along very well.
1 Tempo session working at 85%-95% FTP.
1 Threshold session. It’s actually embarrassing to admit that I did this on the turbo, yes while in Lanzarote when the sun was shining. On the plus side I hit some good number and put away a good session.
2 running track sessions.
1 long run, just under 19 miles which went over Femes (a big hill)

I actually attempted another interval session which was on the day I left but it wasn’t happening. The week had taken its toll so I canned it. The times were well down and I felt really tired. I think the end of the week came at the right time and I’m now looking forward to a few days R&R. My plan is to take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off and then get back into it on Monday.

Breaking the Cardinal Sin at Tri Sports and using someone else’s cup, cheers Lucy!


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