Ironman Staffordshire 70.3

Race Report

I started off with a pretty good swim for me coming out of the water closer then what I have done to the lead group and I felt as though I had a good start. The guy I was swimming with eased up though around 1/2 way into the swim and I think I should have taken a turn on the front as the pace felt quite comfortable, a bit to comfortable really.

Then out onto the bike and I was planning on holding around 330w for the bike. There were quite a lot of technical sections and downhills etc where you couldn’t really put the power out so my average power was quite low 317w with a normalised power of 332w for 2 hours 20. I lot a lot of the on the bike though which was disappointing as I would have thought with that power output I would have been closer to the front of the race and not completely out of contention stating the run.

The run was good, I pushed it hard throughout as you never know what might happen and also I wanted to get a good session in. I managed a 1.17 split which I was happy with as theres a pretty big hill you have to run up 3 times and also probably about 6 miles of offload running over the course of the 3 laps. It was like cross country in parts so I was happy with that.

My finish position in the end was 4th so not happy with that but on the plus side it then gave me enough points to guarantee my place in Kona this year which is great to get sealed up.

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