ICAN Malaga Half

Race Report

I had a really good swim by my standards in this race coming out just 27 seconds behind the lead swimmer. Eneko Llanos was also racing so to come out of the water within striking distance of an athlete of that calibre was great for me. Unfortunately 20 Kilometres later me and Eneko while in 1st and 2nd position got sent the wrong way. I lost a good few minutes and I have to admit my motivation was a bit down initially but I carried on and managed to fight my way back into 3rd position which I also managed to hold for the rest of the run.

The positives to take from this race were a great swim and feeling very strong on the bike. The heat made the run hard but that’s to be expected after spending a winter in the UK and something to take into account when racing Ironman Lanzarote.

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