Big Cow British National Sprint Championship 2012

Race Report

The race was set off in numerous waves every 10 minutes which ment as well as racing others it was also a time trial as well as you couldn't ease off because you didn't know what people in the other waves were doing and the last thing you want to find out is that you've been beaten by 1 second.

The race itself started off bloody quick but it was absolute carnage and the amount of times I got pulled back was ridiculous. As well as that it's really annoying as some of the guys have a really good sprint on them but are on there knees after 100-200 metres so your trying to overtake them but struggling to find room to get past. All being said I felt as though I was swimming pretty well. My time was 10.09

Once onto the bike I worked my way through the field and arrived back into transition in 3rd place from my wave. My time for it was 29.13, I had the average speed as 25.7 mph so not bad. I had a good transition and felt as though I was running well but at the time I didn't know what place I was in or who was ahead of me. I was passing loads of runners who were out on the course from earlier wave and felt as though I was running well but my time was only 18.39 which is slower then what I do my tempo runs at off the bike in training so I don't know if the course was long or what but I felt good while out on the course so can't really have any complaints although I would have liked to have achieved a better position.

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