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I got a great delivery from Huub this afternoon. A new wetsuit which definitely feels better then the previous models. I think it feels thinner and more flexible. I always wonder how much quicker a wetsuit is than swimming in trunks, so I went going swimming to try it on for a few 100s and see what times I hit for them. Check out the results!

So I hit the pool in my new wetsuit tonight for a couple of reasons. Firstly it was a smaller size then my previous one and I wanted to make sure it fit, secondly to see how fast wearing a wetsuit actually is as you hear a lot of stats about them being x amount quicker per 100 meters but generally for obvious reasons we never try them in a pool where the conditions are the same all the time.

I did my normal warm up and then did 4*100s and a 200 meter. The swim set was an easy one and I think normally I would do the 100s around 1.18-1.22 pace per 100. That’s around the effort I felt like I was swimming and I hit the following times 1.17, 1.14, 1.12, 1.12 and 2.27. It didn’t feel as tough and I was working that hard that I did them off 1m 30 so I would say that the wetsuit has to be at least 4-5 seconds maybe even as much as 7 seconds per 100 meters faster then wearing trunks with a hairy chest!

I also got some nice running gear from them. For a company that specialises in wetsuits and swim wear there running kit is actually better then the running gear I have from companies that specialise in that area. I’ll be getting some more running kit off them that’s for sure. Oh and I also got some googles, called the Vargas! Here’s hoping they make me swim like him!

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