A day at the park

On Tuesday I thought I would do something a bit different and video one of my training sessions. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t had the chance to it. Luckily though being back in Lowestoft I was able to rope my Dad into filming it and this is our effort.

Joe Skipper Training Run Reps February 2013


Some pictures from the Day:

Food of Champions, Porridge and Clif Stuff, it’s like rocket fuel!


Next up Some pictures of me between reps.




I hope I didn’t scare to many kids away, Certainly didn’t scare the dogs away. I had loads of them snapping at my ankles!


A couple of Pictures of me from after the session in the Bonk Casual Clothing. I personally think I don’t look to shabby in it. But here you are and you can judge for yourself.

DSCN0091 DSCN0089



A little bit more about how the Session went:

As I said earlier the plan was to do 6 reps of the circuit which I think is around 1340 meters however I actually managed to complete 7. There is a segment on Strava for it and once I get back to Kinetic I can upload it as I left my cable for my Garmin there. Anyway last time I did the session I only did 4 reps with the same amount of recovery. It was between two races over the Christmas period but I remember feeling pretty good for it and the times I was hitting this time were much quicker last time I did between 4.31-4.34 and this time I did between 4.18- 4.24 so a massive improvement. On the 6th rep I pretended it was the last one and smashed it but really I was just tricking myself into going really hard and then once I had finished it I thought I would add another bonus one in and just try and hang onto the same times which I had been ding for the session and I managed to, I hit a 4.24 which was joint slowest but the previous rep was a 4.18.

It is a great session and it’s pretty technical with a few undulations thrown in and is done all on grass. I would like to say it’s an honest loop and would hope to go quicker on the road but it’s much more fun doing it off road. Anyway guys I hope you liked the video, it was a little bit of fun really.







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  1. Ania

    Hi Joe – I enjoyed watching your video – I didn’t quite catch the name of the recovery socks you were wearing?


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