Challenge Aarhus

Race Report

For this race I managed to actually organize my own home stay. I know there are a lot of people in the same situation as me where you’re trying to make racing as cheap as possible. I basically just sent an email to the chairmen of the local triathlon club and they actually put me up. So I just want to say thanks for Lisbeth and Aarhus triathlon club, great host and if you are thinking of racing abroad it’s definitely worth contacting local tri clubs.

I managed to have a great swim where I made the front pack in a big race for the first time which really did please me as I know it’s vital me making the front pack in order to take my performances to the next level. In this swim I have to admit I was starting to blow up in the last 400 meters but I knew I had pretty much finished it by then so it was o.k.

Out onto the bike and I quickly overtook a load of the people in the pack and found myself in 3rdplace. I was in no mans land and managed to put 4 minutes into the chasers behind me but the 2 guys in front of me put 4 minutes into me. This was a pretty tough bike as I was feeling pretty good and managed to ride at a decent power output for the duration of the bike. After about halfway in I knew I didn’t want to get caught by the chasers and that I was all in now so just had to stick with it.

When I started the run I new I had left my run legs on the bike but being in a podium spot really motivated me. It was such a tough run, not due to the course but due to being on the limit for the last 3 hours. I could see the one guy was catching me and I knew I only had to run 6 minute miles to hold him off but I just felt nailed. In the end I only managed to hold 6.04s and he caught me with one mile to go. Once I crossed the line I was completely shattered, I felt as if I was bonking, I was so cold and my legs hurt so much. I just felt completely destroyed, I even had to get a taxi back to Lisbeths who I was staying with while she waited and got my bike while I went back and collapsed in bed! So pathetic isn’t it! I have to admit though I did quite like the feeling as I knew I had given my all and had to be content with 4th. Co close but yet so far.

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